Friday, October 4, 2013

What Am I Doing?

After I closed my boutique, I launched my e-commerce website ( and 
I got a really long summer holiday like 53 days 
(like Bodrum-Athens-Paros-Antiparos-Corinthi-Cesme-Bodrum-Cesme)
Then I came back to work on september, 
I got the distribution of a well known Dutch company, Froccella 
which is famous with their leather and fur jackets. 
Since they made a much more young-ish collection this year, I did bring them to my showroom. 
Here are all the models for this month. You can buy them here if you are interested or 
come to my showroom and we will have a cup of coffee.
Have a great weekend!

Photo Credit Onder Nigdeli

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