Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Let's Welcome "Miss Mass"

Eli (a.k.a. Miss Mass), my friend from NY, is one of the best fashion bloggers that I follow. She is Spanish-no way Josee!!-I mean Catalan, she loves partying and she is generally on the guest list of all private parties in the city. She spends money on everything with spikes and skulls, she wears bunches of  bracelets and necklaces to accessorize her outfit. In the mean time, she is very talented on the runway. She is the whole package I mean!!
While we were working together, everyone in the office adores her bag collection. You will understand what I mean if you start following her! There is a lot to say about her but you have to discover step by step by clicking here!

Photos Courtesy of MISS MASS

p.s. Elii! I know you will be so successful about the project you told me! Miss u so much, si o no? :)


  1. Eceeeeeee thanks a lot for this beautiful post! Miss u here in the city! I send u a big big fat kiss